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Brian Loatman, Director

Brian Loatman directing "The Movie That Doesn't Exist #1"

An American Saint

Saint Marilyn, Rick Hutchinson, Marion Royael Gallery

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After Abbey Road, Steven Paul Riddle

After Abbey Road, Steven Paul Riddle
After Abbey Road is a multi colored 5’ x 6’, mural-size canvas painted in oil and acrylic based on the famous Beatles record album cover Abbey Road. After Abbey Road shows the Beatles walking in a crosswalk on the street made famous by the group. The work painted in Steven Paul Riddle’s unique style is his personal interpretation of the scene. Many of the Beatles famous songs and lyrics as well as perceived characteristics are represented by symbols in the painting. The most obvious references are noted below.

The overall scene is the Beatles walking in a crosswalk within a surreal abstracted background.
The center of the painting is occupied by the four band members. The group is within the confines of the sidewalk protected and safe from their hallucinogenic looking surroundings. Two references to the murder of John:                                                                                                                                                              
The Blue Meanie next to Johns face attempting to take music and color out of life and is finally achieved by murder of John in 1980. In the painting the Blue Meanie’s tentacle is tightly secured to John’s head. The Blue Meanie in the painting represents negative side of human nature and is the antithesis of John’s “love all, pray for all” philosophy.
A small barely seen bullet streaks towards the Blue Meanies head in a hope that some day good will prevail and that “Imagine“ will someday be realized. 
"Strawberry Fields Forever" represented on the left hand side of the painting.The Sun in the upper left is representational of “Here Comes The Sun“, diamonds fill the sky “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” and Sun has a “Kaleidoscope Eyes“.
There is a Hookah, bottom left, representational of the bands mid career utilization of hashish and the song.
George, left, is painted with numerous references to Religions of the Middle East in which George voiced his beliefs.
Paul, second from left, is painted with “Maxwell Silver‘s Hammer“ in his hand, and a Walrus face, “Paul Was The Walrus“, and a number “9“ on his shoulder which is a reference to his supposed early death. “Lady Madonna” is below him painted as a saintly statue .
Ringo, 3rd from left, is painted with rings as his head, a “Yellow Submarine“ on his shoulder with his hand on a drum.
The remaining Beatle, John, with his notable glasses has a gun in his hand, “Happiness Is A Warm Gun“, pigs coming out the gun “See how they Run Like Pigs from a Gun“ the drum from Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band album cover with a number 9 in the middle.. A Blue Meanie behind him.
There are halos around John and George’s head indicating the time period in which the painting was completed. John and George deceased, Paul and Ringo still living.
The painting was completed mid-October 2009 in Steven Paul Riddle‘s. After Abbey Road was exhibited in only one show at the Marion Royael Gallery in Beacon, New York. The painting is located in New York and is in a private collection.

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Happy Birthday My LOVE!!!!!

Today is Barbara's Birthday!! I am indeed a fortunate man to be with such a wonderful woman!!!!

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Matty Sidle

Matty is a very, very original thinker and a great guy. We've been showing his film Unicycle Baby Guy at the gallery for two months during open hours. Matty will be an extremely notable film maker one day in the not to distant future. We are pleased to own two signed cds of Unicycle Baby Guy and we will be following his film career closely.

Lou Benjamin

We dig Lou Benjamin's words, photography and wit.


Marion Royael's Current-Exhibit

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marion Royael presents, 'Silent Witness'

Come see the new Dave Dziemian, Joe Zarra Exhibit, Silent Witness. The show opens November 13th, 2010.

Additional information here.